Friday, April 20, 2012

Talk about "Amazing" grace!

This past week I got up early and headed off to the gym like I have recently learned to do most days of the week.  I parked my truck, walked in and emerged 90 minutes later having spent most of the time picking things up and putting them they say.  On my way out something unusual happened.  I seldom talk to anyone.  I have learned through observation that there seems to be two kinds of people in the gym - those who come to exercise and those who come to socialize.  (I know, a rabbit trail we can discuss at a later time.)  I go to exercise.  So imagine my surprise when one of the gym employees stops me and asks me my name followed by another question asking if I had lost my wallet.  Turns out I had indeed dropped my wallet in the parking lot now almost two hours ago.  A college age young man had noticed it, and turned it into the desk.  It was completely untouched, including the five one dollar bills clinging to the outside money clip.  On my way out I made it a point to introduce myself and thank the young man. He greeted me as I expressed my gratitude and as we parted he said, "Have a nice day."  Indeed.....then the Lord said,

"See, not everyone is out to get you."

Just in case you need to hear this too.  There are those days.......

Keeping Jesus at the Center of Life,

Pastor Mike

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