Saturday, April 14, 2012

Spiritual Triage

I have recently become connected to a Christian brother from South Africa through the church's webcasting activities. He asked me some questions about overcoming spiritual discouragement.  My response is the heart of this blogpost. As I completed my quick notes to him, I looked at what I had said, and thought, that is worth hanging on to.  So, for what it's spiritual triage.

1.  Is there something physically wrong?  As my body increases in age, I have been encouraged to pay more attention to my "temple time."  Turns out due to some mileage issues, I was feeling emotionally depressed and physically tired - all the time it seemed.  A quick blood test and the answer was in the numbers.  So, I am making adjustments and being much more diligent about my temple time.

2.   Is my relationship with my wife OK?  I have learned that I am not worth much if there is something amiss in my relationship with my bride off 33 years. 

3.  Am I bitter or angry about anything or anyone?  I ask myself the question that God asked Cain in Genesis 4:6.....Why are you angry?  Why are you downcast?  Usually related to disobedience before the Lord of some kind.

4.  Is my time with the Lord what it should be?  This is not a legalistic "have you put your time in" type question, but a quality question.  Are the rhythms that feed your spiritual life all that they should be?  Things like Bible time, prayer time, meditation time......etc.

5.  How is my attitude in general – thankful and positive? frustrated and negative?  Depending on the answer, this has to do with what I am dwelling on usually.  Are there some new verses I need to write down and carry with me, memorize, meditate on….Joshua 1:8 sort of stuff.

6.  Is my temple time what it should be?  (diet/exercise/weight)  Covered this already somewhat, but am I measuring up correctly in terms of what I eat, what I weigh, and my exercise time.

7.  Could it be spiritual warfare of some sort?  Satan is real, and his opposition is real.  Sometimes it has nothing to do with my efforts or feelings, but with spiritual opposition.

8. Is there a broken relationship I am responsible for, that needs repair?  For relationships to remain healthy they need constant attention.  Recently I found myself wondering about a comment someone had made, and after further investigation learned about what was behind the comment, and could actually provide some suggestions that led to real solutions.   While it is not possible for me to live at peace with everyone, (Romans 12:18) am I doing all I can to insure that relational brokenness is not behind my discouragement.

"On the Bluewater Frontier"

Pastor Mike

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  1. I LOVE these set of questions....I forsee using them in many discipleship conversations! (And for myself as well!)

    Thanks for sharing!

    -Kristin Sausser