Friday, June 14, 2013

What are you reading this Summer?

Summertime is a great time to read.  So, I thought I would share with you what I hope to read over the summer, along with some personal notes for the fun of it.......  

Reading Tools:

On my laptop if I am at home or at a favorite restaurant.

On my ipad if I need to travel light and can't bring my laptop.  Although, it seems I am
          learning to carry my ipad around more and more and my lap top less and less.

On my kindle, which is my favorite reading tool.  The color is great, there are lots of
          interesting resources that are free, it's the easiest to use,and it's the first e-reading device
          my wife purchased for me.

On plain ole paper, especially if I need to use the book as an on-going interactive resource.
          I like to do a lot of high lighting, and writing comments in the margins.  This is difficult to do
          in the e-readers.

Reading Locations:

     1.  My study at home.  
Here is my sanctuary.  I think here, journal here, and pray here.  It is a
          warm inviting place.

     2.  My boat.  
Half the time, especially in the summer, I look forward to launching my boat on the
          St. Clair river and then floating down as I read the latest good book on my list.  It is quiet,
          unless a 1000 foot freighter comes by, or another boater, or the Coast
          Guard zooms past on their way to help someone in distress.....maybe it's not as quiet.....  If I
          catch fish that day it is a bonus, but getting more read in my book of the day is the goal.

    3.  A quiet pull off on Harsen's Island.  
The island is dotted with these little driveways that
         border the canals.  They are great places to sit and read and think....until the "sqiutos" come

     4.  In the car.  
When Sharon and I go on vacation we usually have one book picked out to read
          to each other along the trip.  This summer will be no different.  It is better than the radio,
          which fades in and out as you move along the highway, and we sometimes use the book to
          launch into some great discussions.

Reading List:

     1.  MockingJay.  
We have read the first two, have seen the movie Hunger Games, and now are
          ready to finish the tale with the third and final installment.

Chesterton's biography of St. Thomas Aquinas on my Kindle.

     3.  The Ministry of Intercession
by Andrew Murray on my Kindle.

     4.  Multiplying Missional Leaders
and Leading Kingdom Movements by Mike Breen.  

     5.  The Personal Life of David Livingston by Willaim Blaikie on my Kindle.

This was probably more information than you needed about my summer reading  list, but it is fun to write about it as I look forward to a great summer.  I hope your summer is looking good as well.  A great book makes it even better.

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct DetailsMockingjay (The Hunger Games, Book 3)

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Pastor Mike

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